Time to exercise those aging brain cells.

We will  from time to time post questions in this section for you to answer. No prizes, just good clean fun, in a trip down memory lane.

Answers appear in the messages tab in the News and Updates section.
1) What was the name of the corner store next to the high school?
Greaser corner
The Malt Shoppe
Fred's Stop and Rob
Correct answer goes here
2) Which High School Teacher was once National Teacher of the Year
Mr. Foust
Mr. Chapman
Mr. Nelson
Mr. Jensen

3) Which classmate bowled a "perfect" game during high school?
Kevin Fagerland
Bruce Measure
Gerry Hall
None of the above
4) Which classmate did work on the MARS Viking lander?
Barry Donahue
Doug Boe
Rita Isch
Chris Swanberg

5) Who set 2 Flathead Track records their Junior Year
John Emmert
Don Claridge
Greg Ellingson
David Harness
6) Who was the first female to have her picture on the "Athlete's Wall" at Moose's?
Nancy Jorgensen (Emmert)
Alice Ritzman
Linda Reksten
Shele Bergeson

7) Who was the Schools Superintendent during our HS years?
Mr. Personen
Mr. Haddow
Mr. Langbell
Mrs. Russell
8) Which classmate went on to become School Superintendent in Polson
Jane Wiebe
Lorenzo (Lonnie) Lyford
Linda Rekston
Vicki Rekston

9) What was our approximate class size? (+/- 20)
10) Which teacher at FHS initiated the wintertime ski rope tow on the Buffalo Hill Golf Course, and operated it most weekends during our childhood?
Ed Beckstrand
Tom Richardson
F.E."Rip" Wilson
Neil Hart