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May Updates
Okay, I am a few days early...

We have added a women's brunch Friday morning. Check it out on the Events page. Should be a great time.

Golf is finalized now. We will have a package of 9 holes of golf, with a power cart, a bucket of range balls, a logo golf ball souvenir, lunch and drinks - all included in the $50 per person price!

Also we got the website fixed. It was a technical error causing it to warn you it was unsafe. Never was. Just a certificate mismatch. SO, get on the website and set up a username and password and start posting !

If you are planning to come but haven't signed up, we'd appreciate your letting know to expect you. You can pay at the door after you arrive.

Finally, if you have been gone a while and not been visiting, the Flathead gets to be a crazy busy place in July and August. Motel/Hotel rooms are either gone or at a premium. If you need one book it NOW!

Profile picture Robert Sykes Re: May Updates
It's been a long time since I've been on the Reunion webpage. Is there another slot for golf? Would love to play if possible.
Profile picture Robert Sykes Re: May Updates
Thanks for the update. I do plan on being there and playing some golf.