August 1, 2019
3 months and 15 days since
our Reunion.

Well the Reunion is over. A great time and lots of smiles all around. Though the event is over, this site will remain active through January 2020 - so you can post messages, photos etc. We also have merchandise for sale, see the merchandise tab on the right.

UPDATE 7-31-2019

LAST UPDATE!  We got the handout bags with the gifts all prepared today. A few last minute details are being worked out and nailed down. Minor changes in Saturday night menu. We received some donated beer to add to the drink menu Saturday night - Great Northern Going To The Sun Pale Ale.

A couple reminders:  If you have not already paid you will need to do so Friday night (Thurs is free). We really are not going to be set up for Thursday night payments and would prefer you pay at the registration desk at Buffalo Hill on Friday. Golfers - as the cost of Golf is separate and not included in the Reunion price, if you have not paid already, you need to pay Friday am at the Golf course. $50.

Bring some small bills in cash Friday night. We will have a raffle and auction and if you want to putt for the prize money it will cost you a buck or two (but you can putt all you want for free - just not be in the contest. We will have putters and golf balls for everyone to use.) Also after 2 drinks you'll need to buy any additional ones.

Weather should hold - may even be warmish/hot. Saturday night - mosquitos may be about. We'll have repellent spray at the event, but other things you normally do when expecting mosquitos ought to be on your preparation list.

It's going to be FUN! Thanks for making it a success.

UPDATE 7-29-2019

Yay! All the SWAG items arrived today! We think you will like them. Everything else is coming into place as well.

I promised the menus, and they are as follows:

Buffalo Hill-Friday
Grilled burger or
Grilled chicken breast
Baked Beans
2 Salads
Two drink tickets (draft beer, house wine, well liquor)
Vista Linda-Saturday

Pulled Pork

Garden Salad/2 Dressings

German Potato Salad (Non-Dairy)

Green Beans


Fresh Fruit/Watermelon Salad

Rolls/Butter/BBQ Sauce




and, of course assorted drinks of your choosing - Beer, Wine and soft drinks and water. Open Bar. 

For those of you stating special dietary requests, both Buffalo Hill and Vista Linda have agreed that if the menu cannot provide suitable items they will work with us and you to come up with something that will.)

UPDATE 7-25-2019

Our last Organizing Committee Meeting! Seems like the last 6 months flew by. Last minute checking that everything is in order and everything is just right for you. Lots of little details!!!

Not sure we have posted menus before but will post them early next week so you have some ideas of what's coming food wise.

Friday night you have two drink tickets and an open bar. Saturday, we have prepared a selection of wine, beer, and assorted non-alcoholic beverages for you. We think you will find something to like among them.

Here's the bar list Saturday night:
Beer: Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, Corona, Stella Artois, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Blue Moon  and Great Northern Huckleberry Lager (limited quantities).

Wine: New Age Wine on ice with lime slice (our featured drink this night) White Claw ( for those not familiar, a spiked sparkling water/seltzer flavored beverage) Meridian Chardonnay (Sonoma, California), Beringer White Zinfandel (Napa, CA), Pinot Gris, Menage a' Trois (A California Red Blend) and Sangria (yes, remember Sangria?). Our Non- Alcoholic variety? Try: Lemonade, Iced tea, and yes put them together and you have an Arnold Palmer. Italian Sparkling Water, Spring Water and of course various colas and lemon lime sodas.
Our "attendee's gifts" ( or SWAG as we have been calling it) arrive Monday. We hope you will find as much enjoyment and fun in them as we have had in creating them. Useful too. Great reminders for the future! (Or in the worst case, a garage sale item in 5 years)

We look like we will probably have 110 classmates and aound 60 guests! A great turnout. We are looking forward to seeing each of you. Gonna be fun folks!

UPDATE 7-23-2019

9 days to go! Not much new except we are over 105 classmates signed up. It is not too late to sign up! We will be accepting sign ups right up to the event, though I would note that we will be submitting head counts before that to the caterers, and though they usually will accept 10% over that number, a last minute signup can pose some (relatively minor but real) risks. Why not sign up now can pay at the door.

Also, you will note social media links on this and other pages. You can click and share! Share away!

For the golfers we currently have 8 foursomes! Tee time is 10, but recommend you arrive at 9.

UPDATE 7-19-2019

The Organizing Committee met last evening. Things are heating up and we are on top of it all. (Really). The event I teased about yesterday is open to all, but not really a formal Reunion event, so it is not being listed here. It is no secret though... Marsha Brown is hosting a get together Wednesday night at her old house open to all. It is posted on Facebook.

On that note, the website will have social media links next week (something new and not available until today).
We'll see how that works out.

At an even 100 classmates now. 

Oh, and, not sure we mentioned this before... we have some SWAG for you all. Each of you will get, Friday night on arrival: 1) a white ceramic coffee mug and2) a stainless steel insulated stemless wine"mug" with a special Reunion Logo on them. The first 150 who signed up also get a can "coozie" with a logo as well. Golfers get a logo golf ball (Titleist Pro about that! Note to golfers: do not use this  ball on holes with water hazards... it is a collector's item!)

Looking forward to improving weather... summer seems to be just around the corner. Check out the Flathead Weather link  on the tabs to the left as we get closer!

UPDATE 7-18-2019

Our attendance continues to climb. We expect over 100 classmates and about 45 guests when the actual date arrives, maybe more!

A housekeeping note: we will no longer accept online payments after today. There is a withhold period for those aqnd we will not get your money before the reunion after today. You can still register online to help us with head counts for food etc., but you'll have to pay either by mail or once you get here.

Stay tuned, we may have an additional event before the reunion. Check back here tommorow for details.

UPDATE 7-6-2019

We're entering the final stretch before the reunion. In the last month our classmate count has gone up to 94!
If you are planning to come please get your Registration in soon! Still lots of room, and we hope to see as many of our classmates as possible.

We had a little glitch coordinating between our website registration and those sending in paper registrations,but think we have it ironed out now. Go to the "Who's Coming" page and look for your name. If you have sent in registration or done it online and do not see your name let us know - we'll fix it and insure our record accuracy. Sorry to those who may already have had the experience of not seeing their name even though they signed up. We think we have it all in order now.

Also, we are starting to get some pictures posted (finally). If you attended Hedges Elementary check out the "Anytime" picture page for a number of class pictures and see who you can recognize.

UPDATE 6-7-2019

We are less than 60 days away from our Reunion now. We have approximately ( changes frequently as more of you sign up) 65 classmates signed up and about half that many guests. We really need accurate head counts as we approach the actual event for planning and catering purposes so if you are planning to come, we urge you to sign up now. You can do it online right now here, or by mail. 

ome to the Flathead High School Class of '69 Reunion website. We have created this website to: a) make it easy, convenient (and FUN!) for you to make plans to attend this year's event, occurring August 1 - 3, and b) let you reconnnect and share your information with your classmates - whether you can commit to make this reunion yet or not.

That's right, you do not have to commit to attend to use and enjoy this website. It is for all classmates to use and enjoy - you can post your information on the  classmate and guest page, post and view photos and messages and generally keep up with the goings ons. In fact, if time permits, since you are here ( and whether or not you have decided to attend yet) why not post your info on the classmates page?

In addition to this website, we are on Facebook at
, or you can write us via USPS mail at the address shown on the contact tab.

Use the menu items on the left to browse around the website.

Regardless of which method you use to get information, we hope you will be joining us this summer in the Flathead for what is shaping up to be a grand get together! And if not, will at least share our experiences via this site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not call ourself "Flathead Alumni Site". There is an organization posing as an alumni site by that name sending emails to class members intimating that other class members have been "viewing their profile" and for a fee you can join. Our website is free. we will never ask you for money to use our site. 
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